Anahata ~ Heart Chakra


The heart chakra is all about love.  It is said that love – by nature – is unconditional, unlimited and free.  It surrounds us and is ours to give and receive.

Anahata translates as ‘unstruck.’  It refers to the cosmic vibration of the universe, a constant energetic hum that has no beginning, no middle and no end.  It is within this fourth chakra – within our own heart center – that we connect with the heartbeat of the universe.

The divine dwells within, and it is in the heart center that we connect with our own divine nature and begin to understand the concept of ‘one.’ 

We learn that in loving ourselves, we are better able to love others and that we have a right to love and be loved.  A healthy egoism (balanced solar plexus chakra) helps us to love purely and freely, without expectation or imitation, a love based on feeling and inclusion.  A balanced heart center shows up as the lover archetype, someone who has the capacity to love everyone, to give love freely, but also to be open to receiving the love of others.

Without first developing a healthy ego, the heart chakra will be unbalanced.  An unbalanced heart chakra can show up as difficulty in loving ourselves and our beliefs around whether we are worthy of the love of others.  When unbalanced in the heart, we may be withholding of our love, afraid of letting ourselves be seen, or afraid of being hurt by another.  The love that we give is based on conditions, attaching how much we give on how much we get, or loving as a reward for good action and withholding love as a reaction to negative behaviour.  Withholding our love not only affects our own heart center, but also the development of the heart chakras of those around us.

The heart chakra is open when we are born and it is through our relationship with our parents or guardians that we get our first taste of unconditional love.  Over time, through the process of growing up, this chakra starts to close.  We have our hearts broken, we’re let down in love – possibly by a friend, a parent or partner.  We learn to protect our heart space.  A little later in life, by meeting our needs and desires, and knowing who we are, we allow our heart center to open again.  To ourselves first.  By taking care of ourselves, and indulging in the things that bring us pleasure we begin to court our own heart center, showing ourselves what it feels like to be loved without condition.  This love toward ourselves sets us up to be able to love others unconditionally and to be open to receiving the same.

Remember – love is what keeps us all connected, and it begins within the self.

Your heart has not to open to others.  Your heart has to open to yourself.
~Yogi Bjahan

Quick Facts:
Location: Center of the chest
Element: Air
Sense: Touch
Colour: Green
Body parts: Heart, lungs, chest and shoulders, hands

Tips to balance the heart chakra:
Breathing exercises
Wear green
Spend time with children
Eat green fruits and veggies

Much love,

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