Ajna ~ Third Eye Chakra


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The sixth chakra is your center of intuition, wisdom and knowledge.  Ajna translates as the ‘command center.’  It is linked to your pituitary gland – which is your master gland – and in this way, this chakra influences the five chakras below it.

We are now in the realm of image, idea, imagination, and spirit.

A balanced sixth chakra is linked to a steady, balanced mind.  The left side of the brain is the logical mind.  The right side of the brain is the more imaginative side.  A balanced mind is one that can reason and intuit at the same time.  Making decisions based not only on what is known, but also from a place of the unknown.  A balanced mind makes decisions that move you forward – toward the life you’ve always dreamed of.

We all have the gift of intuition.  However, many of us live in a culture that reveres logic over intuition.  Over time that voice within, if not acknowledged, begins to speak less often and as more of a whisper.  But it is still there, and wants your attention.

The brain, like any other muscle in the body can be trained.  Intuition, like any other skill, can be developed.  Practice, persistence, and patience are key tools in the process.

Intuition is connected to our higher mind.  Through meditation, or quieting the mind, we are better able to hear our higher truth.  But it doesn’t always show up in a verbal or obvious way.  Intuition speaks to us through the mystic, through our dreams, through signs and visions, re-occurring patterns and chance encounters.  It is up to us to be present and aware in each and every moment so as to hear our higher mind.  Establishing a firm base in the lower chakras helps to ground us while we explore the upper realms of our spirit.  Like a tree we, must be firmly rooted in order to grow up and expand outward.

Quick facts:
Location: Center of the forehead
Element: Cosmos
Sense: Intuition
Colour: Indigo
Body parts: Eyes, base of skull, temporal lobes

Tips to balance:
Wear indigo
Keep a dream journal
Pay attention to your intuition and at least once a day act on it

Go inside and listen to your inner voice.  Every question has an answer.  Your soul is full of wisdom and knows the way. ~ Yogi Bhajan

Much love,


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