Bhuvaneshwari ~ Goddess of Infinite Space

For you, Bhuvaneshwari

The Goddess of Infinite space – She Whose body is the World

 Bhuvaneshwari is the goddess of infinite space.  And it’s in space that we feel her.  We feel her in the space between breath, the space between thought, the space between one activity and another.  They say that those spaces are ‘pregnant with power’, that it is in those spaces that pure potentiality exists.

Hers is an energy that will come to us during meditation.  And while the other goddesses can seem more relatable – human almost- Bhuvaneshwari is of the ethers.  Hers is an energy that is a little harder to grasp.  But she can be felt, as love.  As a deep warm embrace.  A fullness around the void.

She is connected to the Akashic Record.  All things contained.  All that has ever been, all that is  now, and all that is to come.  She is pure wisdom.  We can call to her when we need answers to our deepest questions.  When we need help in letting go of our deepest wounds.

She holds space for us during meditation, and she helps us hold space for others while they are processing.  Her energy is encouraging, healing and supportive.  Without being overbearing or self-serving.

Her shadow shows up as illusion.  Keeping us unconscious to our true divine nature.

Her shadow shows up as the ‘devouring mother’, offering advice that is in the healer, rather than the patient’s best interest.  Her shadow shows up any time we withhold our support to someone who has gone out on their own.

We see her in..,
~ sacred space
~ meditative space
~ space between breath
~ starry night sky

 Invoke her for…
~ compassion
~ holding space for yourself and others

 Bhuvaneshwari on the daily…
~ recognize the sacred
~ meditate
~ practice holding space
~ see ALL as ONE

Her Meditation.  Enjoy :)


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