Durga ~ Goddess of Protection and Inner Strength

We had our Goddess group last night and were working with the power of Durga.  Durga is the goddess of protection and inner strength.  And she comes to us when we ask for help.  She comes when we need to right a wrong – when need courage as well as compassion.  We spent the night talking about her and meditating on her and we finished with some journalling.  And she showed up for me – as so often advise from the ethers does – on the page.  And she came through with just a hint of harshness in her tone, wondering why I haven’t yet done the things she set in motion for me to do.  Why I haven’t yet completed the change she so strongly initiated.  And this is part of her teaching – that we must act.  It is not enough to just know – we must do.

Here’s a bit more on what this hero goddess is all about.

Durga is the Warrior Goddess.  We call to her when we need the courage to enter into battle; even when that battle could be one we are facing within.

She is beautiful.  With long flowing hair, supple breasts and eight bangle adorned arms.  In each hand she carries a tool.  Some for battle: a sword, a mace, a bow, and some for spiritual awakening: a conch, a lotus flower.  She takes us to new heights, beyond our egoic mind and into the realm of power and spirit.

She is the driving force behind revolutions.  We call to her when we need help in our lives.  When we are in a difficult situation and either need to find a way out or find an answer within.  Hers is a story to remind us that the goddess energy is all around us just waiting to come in and help, but first we must ask.  We must recognize that we need help, we must be ready to accept the help that is given.  For Durga has no patience for those who stay stuck.  She doesn’t accept that quality in herself and doesn’t have the patience for that quality in others.  Her Shakti is that of action.  We must act.  We must take on the role as an active participant in our own lives.

In order to step into our fullest potential we must first ascend the ego.  Durga will help us get there.  This is her warrior energy.  The ego will put up a good fight; for it wants to control, but Durga will help us to move beyond it.  Taking us towards the qualities of the Devi (the Gods) love, forgiveness, patience, compassion, good doing.

Shadow Durga shows up when the fight we have, the drive we have is fueled by egoic aims.  Durga’s shadow shows up in our need to control others, a situation, even our own bodies.  This state of egoic control disempowers all those around us.  Durgas’ shadow is harsh to the point of over-bearing.  A dictatorship type of energy.

We feel Durga most strongly when we know deep down that something is wrong.  This feeling is often coupled with a sense of urgency.  Urgency to make a change “now”.  And if her Shakti pull is strong enough within us, this feeling will be followed by action.  They say that “When Durga’s revolutionary energy sweeps through the world there is no going back to the way things were before.”

Are you ready for this kind of radical change?  I sure as fuck know I am!

We see Durga in…
~ strong waves and winds
~ bonfires
~ the will to fight
~ revolution
~ bravery

Invoke her for…
~ strength
~ empowerment
~ action
~ facing your ego

Durga on the daily
~ stand up for yourself and others
~ fight for what is right
~ action!
~ take risks

Durga’s Mantra is

Om Dum Durgayai Namaha

Om, I bow to the one who overcomes all difficulties

Here’s a meditation


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