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Did you feel our moon on Monday?  I sure did.  Over the last couple of years I’ve gotten into the habit of turning to my tarot cards during the new and full moons for guidance.

I’ll pick a card, or three, or twelve and use the image and any words presented on the card as a prompt.  And then just sit and write whatever comes into my heart.  Through my hand.  Onto the page.  It’s a great way to get in touch with what’s bubbling just under the surface for me.

This past super moon I pulled three cards.  From the Gaia Oracle deck.  Here’s a little snippet of what came up.

Tree of Life

All things are contained.  We are connected to the past, the present and the future.  Through love, through nature.  All the ideas are out there, just waiting to come forth.  The information is there.  What we need is the inspiration and the intention.  The tools to open us up to this well of the not yet created, and the intention to keep us moving forward into manifestation mode.

Each moment has potential for creativity.  To live a creative life does not mean to be an artist in the conventional way, to live a creative life is to live a full life.  To live a creative life is to let creativity soak into the seems of your day.  How you craft your sandwich, how you braid your daughters hair, which route you take to work, which socks you choose for that big meeting.

Creativity adds magic to our day.  Adds colour and vibrancy to our relationships.  Creativity is our natural state.  And it is right here.  Right here for the taking. We need to tap in.  There is so much wisdom in the trees.  They’ve been here longer, seen more, loved more.

Ocean of Eternal Love

Creativity is birth.  We give birth to our ideas, to our dreams to our passions.  And there is a process of pregnancy that takes place.  This time where the idea rests in utero, grows in the womb.  These big ideas we have sometimes they need time to grow before they are released out into the world.  But we can not forget about them.  We are the umbilical cord between source and manifestation.  We give life to these ideas.  We feed them through our thoughts, through our dreams, through the words we speak and the actions we take.  There is so much potential.  Follow the rhythm of the moon.  She has so much to teach you.  The message is clear.  Tap into nature.  This is where the answers lie.  The time is not to intellectualize, the time now is to feel.

The output of this type of energy is healing.  We free ourselves through creating.  It’s in us to move and to breathe and to feel and to give.

To receive.  To receive the gifts and guidance from above so that we can share.   We each have a purpose.  Open up to receive this guidance.  You will heal your wounds through sharing your gift.

Lost Love

Surrender.  This is not a giving up.  This is not a waving of the white flag.  Surrender is to open up.  To open up to the woman you are. We must let go of all our ideas around who we are meant to be, all of societies ideas of who we are supposed to become.

Surrender to what is.  To who you are.  In this very moment.  We lose ourselves only for a moment when we give up on all the ideas.  And this feels like a loss.  We must mourn these ideas the same way we mourn the loss of a lover.

But freedom lies in being who you are.  Releasing past hurts, releasing future holds, brings freedom.  We must not hold on any longer.  There is a way out of this.  And it is through surrender.  You came into this world with a history longer than your own, with wounds deeper than your own.  You carry the wisdom and the wounds of your ancestors.  But this does not mean that you must do as they did.  You can grow from this, you will learn from this.  You will teach and share and heal from this.  But first you must surrender.  Do not let these old wounds and future fantasy and worries hold you down and limit you in space.  You are bigger than this.  Your heart is bigger than this.  Your future is brighter than this.  And the future is now.  You do not have to wait any longer.  You are ready.  Right now you are ready.

Much love moon beams,



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