Lakshmi Goddess of Abundance

I’ve just begun teaching the latest round of The Goddess, and I wanted to share the information here on the site as we go through each week.

This week we worked with Lakshmi, the Goddess of Abundance and prosperity.  I’m working out of Sally Kempton’s ‘Awakening Shakti’.  I’ve also included a link to a meditation on Lakshmi.  Enjoy :)

Lakshmi also goes by the name of Shri – auspiciousness.  Auspiciousness is good fortune or representative of good things to come.  This could show up literally as fortune in money, or could come in other forms; health, love, wisdom.  Whatever it is that you need more of in your life, you can call to Lakshmi to bring her boons!

As the Goddess of abundance she is very generous.  Keep in mind, as the receiver of good fortune to not take for granted what you have and what you receive.  To not misuse your wealth or be frivolous with things, relationships and people.  But to be thankful and respectful for what you have and what is around you.  Abundance comes to those who appreciate and those who cultivate.

Abundance is a flow of energy.  As we receive, we must also be open to giving.  What are your gifts?  How can you give to the world?  Set an intention to put in motion the gift of giving.  Give to everyone you come into contact with each day; a flower, a prayer, a smile.  Hop into the river of abundance and go with the flow.

Lakshmi brings with her a feeling of contentment and confidence.  Abundance comes from a feeling of sustenance.  Knowing that who you are and what you have is already enough.

Any insecurities you have.  Any issues you have with self- worth and self-confidence, emerge from this place of scarcity.  Call to Lakshmi to bring you the confidence to know your worth.  To give with honour and to have the courage – when necessary – to ask in return the proper value of your offerings.  To respect Lakshmi is to respect the value of things.  Including our own bodies and the worth of our labour.

The Lakshmi shadow shows up in corruption and greed, compulsive consumerism, over attachment to material things and beauty.

Lakshmi is known for beauty and to honour her is to honour your natural beauty.  When choosing how to present yourself each day, are you choosing things to enhance your beauty or to cover up?  Dress and prepare for your day with intention.

Being in tune with Lakshmi isn’t about having more or spending more – but about the satisfaction that comes with a sense of sufficiency.  Lakshmi’s lesson is that what we really crave is not more stuff but an inner experience of abundance and beauty.

Where do we see Lakshmi
~ rich river beds and soil
~ plump fruits and vegetables
~ money
~ silk and cashmere
~ flowers and trees in full bloom

Invoke Lakshmi for
~ money
~ all forms of abundance
~ contentment
~cultivating gratitude and generosity
~inner and outer radiance

How to invoke on the daily
~ be good to Momma Earth
~ respect the value of things, including yourself
~ embrace the idea of enough
~ give to everyone!
~ keep your body and home clean
~ open to the flow of giving and receiving

Lakshmi is here for you.  All you have to do is ask.  Here is a meditation for her.


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