Making Friends with Meditation

We’re back at it.  Another round of our groups has started up and this time we are working with writing and meditation – guided by the Goddess.  I’ll be sharing some of what we cover here, beginning with this weeks theme of making friends. Making friends with yourself. Making friends with the practice and deepening your relationships with your people.

Let’s begin with yourself. We are often our own worst enemies. The dialogue that runs through our mind, while at times can be uplifting and celebratory, can also be self-destructive. This is a practice of meeting ourselves where we are in the moment. Of loving all of ourselves. Not just the sparkly bits, but even the parts that we don’t like, we love. A meditation practice introduces us to more of ourselves than we may have seen before. And part of this, is that the deeper we go the more we uncover, and we may not like all of what we see. But it’s not to meet these pieces of ourselves with judgement. We may want to change certain things and growth is beautiful. But we do not struggle or fight against where we are. We accept. We settle in. We love.

This knowing of ourselves helps us to better know each other.

If I can recognize my lashing out at others as coming from a deep sense of insecurity, while I may not like that piece of myself, it can help me to better understand someone else who is acting unpleasantly to see that maybe their actions are coming from insecurities rather than malice. And it can help me to choose different behaviours going forward. This can help me develop more compassion for myself as well as more compassion for others.

We come to this place through stillness. The stillness of a meditation practice. And we approach this from a place of ease rather than force. While the practice can be difficult and challenging at times, we sit with a feeling of appreciation rather than the sense of a chore to be done. We approach our mind from the place of establishing a mutual relationship of respect rather than dominance over or control over. We make friends with ourselves and with our meditation practice. Go easy on yourself.

But at the same time, it is meant to be a practice. Not a ‘one shot’ deal. The real lessons are not from some teaching out of a book or email recap, the real teachings lie within you from your own experience which can only be gained by actually doing the thing you are studying. You learn to meditate, by meditating. You begin simply, by simply beginning.

Here’s the link for a nice intro to meditation. Enjoy :)


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