Manipura ~ Solar Plexus Chakra



The third chakra is about realising our own hearts desires and tapping into our truest, purest potential.

Manipura translates as “city of jewels”.  The jewels are power, authenticity, instinct, and courage.  The solar plexus chakra is our power center, where we get our grit and gumption and get-up-and-go.  Action.  This is the center of our true Self.

The first two chakras cover our needs and desires, and now we’re here at the center of our being – who we are.

They say that the true self is more radiant than the sun, and it’s in the solar plexus that we allow ourselves to be seen.

This means we reveal all of ourselves, without shrinking in size or wearing masks.   We are seen and we are heard.  We take up space, just as we are.

The third chakra is full of intuition.  It rules the gut instinct.  You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you just know that something is right or wrong?  That’s your solar plexus guiding your way.

It’s in this chakra that we get the courage to do all the great things we’re meant to do.  We are full of unlimited potential and a balanced solar plexus allows us to call upon our warrior energy and step into our lives.

We have a right to act and to attain everything we want.  Shame and fear stands in the way of this chakra being fully balanced and of us reaching our fullest potential.  Shame of being who we are, and of acknowledging our needs and desires.  And fear – fear of not being enough, of failing, or being more successful than we’re ready to be.

The solar plexus is where we make our decisions.  When we are in tune with that gut instinct we are better able to make decisions that serve our true self.

This chakra is charged by self – esteem and confidence. 

Knowing who we are and establishing ourselves within a community are important in developing a healthy sense of ego.  We are then able to make powerful decisions that are good for ourselves, and good for the community, and that come from a place of truth and love rather than greed and manipulation.

Once we realize we are worthy simply because we exist, we free our life force and liberate energy for living.  ~ Ambika Wauters

This realization opens us to our pure potential, setting us on the path to be all that we can be.

Quick facts:
Location: Just below the diaphragm
Sense: Sight
Element: Fire
Colour: Yellow
Body parts: Stomach, muscles, digestive system

Tips to balance the solar plexus
Wear yellow
Engage in sensible risk-taking
Eat lemons
Meditate – find comfort within your Self (meditating with your gaze on the flame of a candle)

Much love,

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