Muladhara ~ Root Chakra


While the chakra system as a whole is interwoven, there is a chronological awakening of the system.  It begins in the root.  At the base of the spine.  Muladhara.

It’s said that Kundalini – represented by a serpent – lies coiled, three and a half times, around our root chakra.  The awakening of the chakras, is linked with an awakening of Kundalini – consciousness.  We do our work to balance the chakras, to get them spinning at their proper frequency, to clear the path for Kundalini to make her journey up through the system, where she will eventually meet Shiva – her consort – and this is said to bring enlightenment.

For most of us, the journey will rest in the work we do to come to better understand ourselves.  And in this self-awareness, to come to better know each other.  

The root chakra deals with security and survival and governs issues like shelter, food, body and body image, family and finances.  The root chakra links us to our community and clan.  We carry within us the deep-rooted survival instincts of our ancestors – just as genes are passed down through the ancestral lines so are elements of survival.  It’s from our ancestors that we gather our grit and gumption.

A balanced root chakra is one that will allow us to stand strong in the face of change, rooted in ourselves, but adaptable to whatever comes our way.  Like a tree we are grounded and secure but flexible enough to sway with the breeze.  As majestic as we are on top – we are below.

It’s essential to build a strong foundation in order to facilitate a healthy growing of your branches.  In this way, you must take care of yourself by eating nutritious food, exercising, and connecting with nature.  Keeping your financial house in order, spending time with your family and community, and maintaining an orderly living space encourage grounding and balance within your spiritual home – your body.

The root chakra affirms your right to be here.  When we believe that we have a right to be here, in this world, just as we are, we take care of ourselves.  And in taking care of ourselves, we are better able to show up for and take care of our family and friends.

Common thought patterns and behaviours that can throw this chakra out of whack are; insecurities about who you are, not believing in your basic rights and abilities, and not taking care of your body and your home.  If you grew up with or are in a situation where your survival needs are being threatened, a state of fear develops in the root chakra keeping your adrenals in overdrive – showing up as the “fight or flight” response.  Living with anger and blame, playing the role of victim in our own lives, or running away from life’s challenges all throw this chakra out of balance.

We have the ability to face challenges with the courage and strength that have been passed down to us through the generations.  We nurture our root chakra by taking care of ourselves.   Being our own good mother is how we nurture our root chakra.

Remember – you have a right to be here.  Just as you are.  In this moment.  You are already enough.

The quick facts:
Location:  Base of the spine
Sense:  Smell
Element:  Earth
Colour:  Red
Body parts:  Feet, legs, skeletal system

Tips to balance:
Wear red
Spend time in nature
Maintain a good home
Spend time with family and community
Exercise!  Yoga, walking, dance

Much love,


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