Parvati ~ Goddess of Sacred Marriage and Devotion


Parvati is the goddess of Sacred Marriage.  The marriage being that between lovers, friends, teacher and student, community, and that within your Self.  It’s a marriage between the masculine and the feminine.  A coming together of two complete beings.  Creating a wholeness in union without taking away from their own unique, complete Self.

Parvati’s Shakti is that of balance.  She possesses the warrior spirit of Durga, which fuels her devotion, but at the heart of it all, she is a lover.  She is both strength and softness.  Effort and ease.

She is often depicted with long flowing hair, bare supple breasts.  Adorned with jewels.  She is dancing or riding Shiva’s bull.  The expression on her face is knowing, playful.  When she’s not alone, she is shown with Shiva, her cosmic consort.  Hers is the story of lovers.  Of devotion.

As a young teen, Parvati goes to stand in the frigid river as an act of devotion to her divine consort, Shiva.  An act of Tapas – creating the psycho/physical heat of devotion.  After many months, Shiva finally feels her heat and goes down to check her out.  They fall in love.  They marry.  Tapas, the devotion is the thing that brings us closer to the divine.  And knowing that the divine dwells witihin, we use tapas to bring us closer to ourselves.

We feel Parvati when we are on the brink of something.  A creative project, healing a wounded heart, beginning a new relationship, ending a broken one.  We’re at the tipping point.  We recognize that something is ready to happen but that it will require an effort.  She comes in to show us the way.  Hers is the energy of commitment and follow through.  Through Parvati we transform.  Change occurs.  Revelations.

Hers is a story that overcomes dualistic thinking.  It does not have to be one or the other.  We can worship both the sun and the moon.  This is one that may not be lived out as part of a couple – it is one that we can live out within our own hearts.

We see her in…
~ forest groves and mountains
~ partnerships between self-actualized individuals
~ sensuality

Invoke her for…
~ strength and commitment
~ willpower
~ devotion
~ success in relationships
~ uniting the divine feminine with the masculine within yourself

Parvati on the daily…
~ practice commitment
~ hardwork and dedication
~ embrace all sides of yourself
~ be vulnerable
~ follow through

** commit to doing something every day for 5 mins!!!!!  No exceptions.  No excuses.  Devotion.

Check out her meditation:


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