Radha ~ Goddess of passion and devotion

This week we covered Radha.  She’s the teenager of the bunch and holy shit can I see a lot of her in me.  Not only in my adult self, but she pretty much took over my teenage years.

Now I channel her for more spiritual pursuits, but her shadow side has shown up from time to time in my relationships.  But back in the day, now that I know of her, I can see that she ruled my high school romances.  It’s fun to be able to see her in different versions of me.

Here’s the lowdown on Radha

Radha is the goddess of lovers and hopeless romantics.  She shows up as passion, devotion and erotic love.  Radha’s energy goes deep into the human psyche, beyond the layers of physical lust and into the realm of romantic longing and passion for the divine.

The intensity of this goddess can transform a mild interest within you into a wild love affair.  This affair could be with a beloved, with a religion, work, your purpose.  The ferocity behind Radha’s passion can be applied to all areas of your life.

Radha’s story is one of love and heartbreak.  Being Krishna’s young consort she loves with all she has and feels the immense bliss when they are in union.  Krishna, being divine and beloved by all has many lovers and is often taking away from Radha.  And in these moments, she too, feels it all.  The immense despair of the separation.  Radha teaches us to open to all emotions.  To welcome them all equally, knowing that they are all a doorway into the divine.

She connects us to our sexuality but also to our sensuality.  The invitation is to make love to everything.  To see the divine in it all.  To live life fully, immersed in the tastes, the sounds the smells, the longing, all of it with equal measure.

Radha’s shadow shows up as obsession and fanaticism.  There is a fine line between being passionate and devoted and right over the edge obsessive compulsive.  Know your boundaries, set your limits.  Invite her in, ask her to stay even, enjoy the fruits of her passion, but do not lose yourself.  Her kind of love is one that is all encompassing, sacrificing the self for the other.  That kind of love does not serve us here in this day and time…so know your limits!

Where we see her…
~ passionate and romantic love
~ devotion
~ intense longing
~ romantic setting

Invoke her for…
~ romance
~ support during heartbreak
~ sensuality
~ sexuality
~ passion
~ joy

Invoking Radha on the daily…
~ look for the divine in your beloveds
~ open to your feelings; welcome them all
~ live your passion
~ acknowledge your wants and desires and pursue them
~ live a full joyous life
~ make love!  To everything!

Radha’s Mantra is Om Radha Krishnayae Namaha

This mantra is used to enhance or develop a relationship between two people.  It can be used to bring you closer to your passion, closer to your beloved, and ultimately, closer to the divine.

Here’s a meditation on Radha

Also!  You wanna listen to an album that is fully inspired by Radha.  Listen to Whitney Houston’s album titled ‘Whitney’.  Radha is all over that shit.  Been listening to it on repeat for about seven months.  Enjoy!


**Inspired by Sally Kempton’s ‘Awakening Shakti’**

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