Retreat with me

Just arrived at the guest house.  My heart is so full it could burst.  There are little dogs and cats around and lots of people, friendly people.  And my view!  Holy shit my view!  I can see how people stay and stay and stay.  This is THE place, I knew this was the place for me as soon as I stepped on the first stone to make my way up to the house.  Already I am feeling healed, thank you for guiding me here.

~ From my journal of  arriving at the Bambu Guest house, Guatemala

Okay so this is it, it’s happening, I’m hosting a retreat and I’m so excited about it.  Last winter I went away for two weeks to volunteer on a permaculture farm and loved it.  Since then they have built a yoga platform and this is the perfect place to host a laid back retreat.

Here are the details…

We’ll be arriving on the full moon and will open our time together with a full moon ceremony.  From there each day there will be a mix of vinyasa style yoga as well as yin yoga and meditation.  We will have an opportunity to spend a morning volunteering at the farm as a group, and if that is something you really enjoy you can continue to spend your mornings that way.

The owner of the farm, Shad, will be leading us through two permaculture workshops where we’ll learn the principles and ethics and how to apply them to our every day life.

We will eat fresh, local (as in from the farm) food.  Included in the retreat is three meals a day, snacks, deserts, some of the best coffee in the world and one of the best views in the world.

Free time can be spent down by the lake or swinging in your hammock.  The whole vibe of this place is begging you to slow down, I encourage you to listen.

The lake is dotted with different towns that are just a walk or short ferry ride away, afternoons wandering through the streets, eating local food and checking out different shops is a great way to spend some time.

There will also be an option to add on a sunrise hike at some point throughout the week.  Google ‘Indian Nose hike Guatemala’, you’ll get the idea.

This retreat is for you if you are into adventure and community living.

The accommodations are shared and offer a comfortable and beautiful place to greet the sun or unwind at the end of the day. Balconies in each room are equipped with hammocks to take in the sunrise or fall asleep to the stars. Each room has a private bathroom, with hot showers, heated with a passive solar system with gas back-up. Wifi is available in all rooms. Soothing river sounds drift up into the room to lull you to sleep.

The whens and wheres….

March 31st-April 7th
Tzununa, Lake Atitlan Guatemala
$680 USD
Arrival around 4pm on the 31st
Checkout after breakfast on the 7th

What’s included
shared accommodation
3 meals a day
snacks, deserts, coffee and tea
lotsa yoga
two permaculture workshops

What’s not included
air fare
travel to and from the lake
any add-ons like hikes, shaman visits, ferries around the lake…

**I will be arriving in Guatemala a couple of days early and will be arranging a shuttle from Antigua on the morning of the 31st for those who want to travel together.

This is going to be great!  I’m sure you have more questions.  Please message me with your questions and let’s see if this retreat is a good fit for you.

For now, check out for photos of the farm and facilities.


Sending lots of love,