Sahasrara ~ Crown Chakra



The seventh chakra is linked to consciousness and a sense of bliss.  Sahasrara means, ‘thousand-fold.’  This chakra is represented by a thousand-petal lotus at the top of the head.  The lotus can be thought of as sitting up-right, with our energy emanating from within out into the ether.  Or it can be thought of as facing down, with the petals dripping divine light and cosmic consciousness into our being.

In the heart chakra, we begin to explore the idea of being one, the belief that we are all connected.  It’s at the crown level that we start to live this connection through our thoughts, words, and actions.  We begin to understand that we are contributing to the energetic field and that we have access to the wisdom and knowledge that have come before us, and that will come after us.

The Akashic Records teach us that all things are contained.   All that has ever been.  All that is now.  And all that is yet to come.  We, each, contribute to these records and can pull from them.  It’s through the crown chakra that we connect to this source of information.

Kundalini, or consciousness, lies coiled around the root chakra.  Through practice, and awareness we begin to stoke her awake and in her awakening she begins her journey up through the chakras toward the crown.  When the chakras are balanced and spinning freely, kundalini has a clear path to the crown.  When this energy source connects to the crown, we experience bliss.  It may last only a moment, it may last longer, but the idea is not to attach to or chase this feeling; instead we aspire to be present and ready for when it comes again.

This is the journey of the chakras.

By moving through them we come to better understand ourselves and each other and in this knowing we free the path for kundalini to make her ascent to bliss.

Quick Facts:
Location:  Top of the head (crown) and inches above the head
Element: Light
Sense: Bliss
Colour: Violet
Body parts: Upper skull, skin

Tips to balance the crown chakra:
Be present
Wear light colours
Practice loving kindness

Much love,

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