Saraswati ~ Goddess who flow as language, Insight and sound


Saraswati is the goddess of Language, Insight and Sound

She showed up in the beginning of time to bring order out of chaos.  In all the chaos, Brahma – the creator – was wondering how he was going to go about creating the worlds.  He asked for help, and out popped Saraswati, from his mouth, and said “Through knowledge, and through knowledge will come creative action.”

While all of the goddesses are creative, as the Shakti energy by nature is a creative one, Saraswati in particular is revered for her creativity.  She brings words where there were none before.  She shows up as insight and inspiration.

We call to her when we need help with communication.  And the help we need does not need to be one of the ethers or the spiritual realm.  It could be help in communication in the very mundane; an email, a term paper, computer problems.  We call to Saraswati, the goddess of communication to help us get our message across.

The message, however, comes from the ethers.  Saraswati’s energy takes us beyond the ego.  That insight, those words are coming from a place deeper than our egoic mind.  A Saraswati Shakti is one that is here in the physical by presence, but energetically tapped into the realm of intuition.  This is where the ideas come from.  Our ego acts as a shield against this intuition.  Saraswati comes in to take us beyond the ego, into the realm of thought, of words, of insight and creative action.

Her shadow shows up whenever there is a glitch in communication.  Whether on the giving or receiving end of it.  Her shadow side is also the use of words to manipulate or confuse for a personal gain, as can be seen in propaganda, gossip and lies.

Saraswati helps to cut through the illusion so that we can see our Truth.  So that we can express our Truth.  When you are looking for the help of Saraswati it’s best to prime yourself.  For the insight to come, for you to be able to hear the wisdom, get still.  Get quiet.  Ask.  And listen.

We see Saraswati in…
~ flowing speech
~ classrooms and places of study
~ language
~ artists, poets, musicians

Invoke  her for…
~ study
~ communication
~ insight and intuition
~ creativity

Saraswati on the daily…
~ speak your Truth
~ embrace your creativity
~ listen to your insight and intuition
~ meditate
~ be a student

Her mantra is

Om aiym Saraswatiyae Namaha

I bow to the flowing one whose essence is wisdom

Here’s her meditation.  Enjoy

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