Thank you for being a part of this community!

For a long time I was searching.  For what, I wasn’t sure.  And then I found it.  Community.  The sharing of stories, of success, of pain.  Moving together.  Breathing together.  Lifting each other up.  This has helped me through the challenging times and has encouraged me through the exciting ones.  I’m so happy to be a part of such a dynamic group of friends, family, teachers and allies.  I’m full of love and gratitude for the community we have created and that which continues to build.  

Thank you.  Thank  you.  Thank you.

As always, much love,


“I would recommend this course to just about any one who is interested in strengthening and enhancing themselves spiritually or who are seeking clarity and understanding in their life. Shawna is a wonderful teacher and guide and makes a complex subject like Chakra work easy to understand, relevant and practical. After every class I literally felt like I was buzzing and I have seen some important shifts in my life which I attribute to Shawna, my classmates and the work that we did together during the 7 weeks.”  ~ Julia Rao

“I participated in the chakra course because I was looking to deepen my understanding of yoga so that it wasn’t just exercise.  Learning about the chakras has helped me to set intentions with asanas and to be more mindful with my time on my mat.  Having an understanding of the chakra archetypes I can now apply them to my own personal situation and continue to grow in positive direction.  Shawna is a great instructor with a passion and energy that is both inspiring and calming.”  ~ Terri Trimble

“Shawna’s yoga classes, for me, are an infusion of what I want to call “elegant strength.”  Whatever she does always makes me feel both grounded and lifted all at once, inside and out. I’m always a better person out in the world afterwards for it.”  ~ Laura Calder

“My experience with Shawna’s intro chakra group was absolutely magical. I joined the group at a point in my life where I was feeling a little lost and over the course of the 7 week course, I felt my attitude as well as my life circumstances change pretty drastically. Shawna is an inspiring and knowledgable teacher as well as a caring person. She created a safe space for sharing and the dynamic, interdisciplinary nature of the class allowed for a lot of personal growth in a very short period. I would recommend this course for anyone who is looking to go deeper into themselves as well as to open up a little more. I cannot wait for what comes next!”  ~Angelica Rao