The earth supports me



The earth supports me
She is our foundation, our home
She’s rich and colourful, full of scent and speaks to the senses
You can feel the breeze, hear the waves
The trees – you just know they have seen so much, that they know so much, that they would wrap you in their branches if they could.  Tell you it’s okay.  It’s all been done before. You’ll come out the other side braver, stronger, smarter.  Not to worry.
The soil.  Our footprints meshed with those of our ancestors
The earth is practical.  She wants to feed you.  Provide you with clothing, with shelter.  She wants to set you up for success, for survival.
Are you ready to receive her gifts?
Beauty abounds.
Can you sit and soak it in?
Allow the sun to penetrate your skin.  The grass to tickle your toes.  The birds to sing you awake.
This is all a journey of waking up.  It begins with the senses.  It begins.  It begins with the realization that we are of the earth – not separate from her – it is not ours to take – it is a partnership.  We must nurture and contribute and love and grow.
The earth will support us.  She will open her arms, lay us down and tell us her stories.  But first, we must attune, we must step into the realisation that we are her – and she is us – all one.
The earth supports me

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