What are the Chakras?


What are the chakras?

Chakras are part of the subtle energy system in the body.  They govern all elements of our health and well-being; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Chakra is the Sanskrit word for “wheel”, and chakras are often referred to as spinning wheels or wheels of light.

There are seven major chakras and 21 minor chakras.   The seven main chakras -which we’ll be exploring through this blog- are positioned along the length of your spine, from your root – the space just below your tailbone – to your crown, the top of your skull.

When speaking of the chakras it helps to understand the nadis, which are energy channels in the body.  There are said to be 72,000 nadis, but the three primary ones are sushumna, ida, and pingala.

Sushumna nadi runs along the spine and is your central energy channel.  Sushumna is the channel for awakening Kundalini, or consciousness.

Ida and pingala begin in muladhara, the root chakra, and criss-cross their up the spine to the crown.  Each place they meet is a chakra point.

Ida is represented by the moon and governs elements of the divine feminine.

Pingala is represented by the sun and governs elements of the divine masculine.

In this way, each chakra has the potential to be balanced and whole

Exploring the chakras offers a path for greater healing.  As we travel along the chakra system we start to discover more about ourselves and our place in the world.  Moving from our root to our crown, we shed old skin and open space for our true unique talents and gifts.

The seven main chakras are interdependent, and if one is out of whack it will affect the others.  Conditions that can throw a chakra off balance include elements from childhood, societal pressures, injuries, illness, habits, and relationships.

Sharon Ganon refers to the chakras as being “doors to perception”  And goes on to explain that “our reality only exists based on our perception”.  By bringing our chakras into a more aligned place, our perception of situations and the ways in which we react to these situations will be more in tune with our personal Truth.  From this place of balance, we’ll be able to see more clearly and not be as directly affected by upcoming situations or attached to their outcome.

Our physical bodies act as energetic maps for our emotions.  Everything we feel, we store in our bodies.  By looking at imbalances in the body and by matching these imbalances to their governing chakra we can start to look at which chakras need a bit more work, and emotionally what we might be holding on to.

The practice is in learning to find balance in the chakras, and our bodies and everyday life.  By studying the chakras through reading and movement, we develop a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Working through the chakras is not for the faint of heart.  But if you’re open to change and open to channeling in some major energy and light than this is the work for you.

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