I trust the ones who are always seeking to grow. ~Yung Pueblo

Chakra Essentials

Weekend Module July 8th & 9th

If you are looking for a shift. Looking for community. Looking for some courage and empowerment. Some tools. Then this is for you.

I’m excited to announce that The Chakras course is moving to a weekend format this summer.
And it will be taking place the weekend of July 8th and 9th
1:30-7pm each day. With a half hour break.
@ King and Roncesvalles

What is it???

A chakra based exploration of Self. This is like the meat of what the Chakras are all about. You will come away with a deep understanding of what the chakras are and how they show up and play out in our lives. What sorts of things cause imbalances and then tools and tricks to bring them back towards balance.

You will develop an understanding of the chakra system as a whole as well as specific information on each chakra.

The aim is to walk away from this weekend with the tools and techniques to make this information practical. To be felt. Absorbed. Shifted into being.

The course is rooted in soul and self-inquiry. The idea is to come out from this weekend with a deeper understanding of who you are and what you want. To be closer to the courage that it takes to go after the life of your dreams. To have the tools necessary to implement some change.

This is a lecture based workshop with a hint of movement, meditation and writing. There will be a Kundalini chakra sequence at the beginning of each day of the training.
This is open to everyone and all levels.

Course is $250 and will include a Chakra Essentials guide and chakra crystal kit.
Space is limited to 6 people. Pre-registration is required.
Message me to reserve yours!